Bite Me Mini Donuts is an Australian family owned and operated business. We have been serving the greater Sydney area for many years assisting various charities, local schools and sports club in much needed fund raising and catering at festivals, fetes, trade shows market and all sporting events.

We have our Fantastic BiteMe Mini Donut Food Truck and 4 Bite Me Mini Donut Food trailers. .

What made us get into the donut business?

We first saw the mini donut machine in England, in a shopping mall. We saw a huge crowd around the barrow. We were curious, so went over to have a look at the action. We saw these machines with these cute, little donuts floating two by two. We had never seen many donuts made like that, certainly not in a shopping centre. They looked so amazing and absolutely gorgeous!

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We got pretty excited and did research into where that machine came from. That was where we first met with Lil’ Orbits, and the rest is now history. We bought our own distributorship in our homeland in South Africa before migrating to the shores of Australia.

We only had one mini donut trailer 23 years ago under the company name “Orbie” before we had “Bite Me”. Now we have 4 mini donut trailers and a new addition to the family, the Bite Me Food Van.

The yellow duck got its own story, too.

The yellow duck is our Little Mini Donut Mascot. We gave him the name “Orbie”.

The duck has really become an integral part of our packaging and the kids just love the way it pops up into a box only to be filled with delicious donuts. Event organisers love the bright packaging and they do add fun to any event.

Where did “Bite Me” come from?

Many people threw out several ideas when we decided to do something else. There were a lot of “Why don’t you try this?” “How about that?”

We met Stephen Mullany at a Business Blueprint conference and decided to have him as our business mentor. He came up with many amazing ideas and suggestions, but the one that caught our attention was “Bite Me.” We just loved it. It sounded so cute, just cheeky and catchy, so we moved quickly to make the changes and incorporate it into our branding.

Let’s add flavour to your events!

We’re available to be booked for any events and occasions:

  • Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Church Events
  • University/School Events
  • Private Parties
  • Community Functions

Shake up some fun and raise funds at the same time!

Here’s a cool money-making idea to fund your school activities or sports events.

Our World Famous Mini Donuts are made from our unique patented Lil’Orbits Premium Donut Mix, cooked in the finest grade cholesterol-free vegetable oil for your health and enjoyment.

Run a “Mini Donut Day” for a fuss free
fundraising and have a lot of fun!

Raise Funds With Bite Me

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