Experience the action at your events!
Over the past 14 years, we have attended major events across Sydney such as:

  • Richmond Airshow
  • Red Bull Motorcross Events
  • Netball NSW State Championships
  • All Holden Day

We’ve got a total of 5 trailers that can produce up to 1200 mini donuts per hour operating with our very quiet Honda 4 stroke generator! We also have one food van that event organizers are greatly fond of.

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Enjoy your donuts with
cold, delicious slushies.

Refresh your day with something cold & sweet. Get an icy, thirst-quenching slushy with your mini donuts. Our slushies come in 2 flavors:
Blue Lemonade & Raspberry.



enjoyed by generations

There’s something delightful about fairy floss that reminds us of a fun tour to the carnival, to the theme parks or fair ground. Have some fairy floss and give yourself such a blissful treat!



See who loves Bite Me!

Students are always looking for that new and exciting experience and Orbie mini donuts delivers! The best mouth-watering donuts and slushies in Australia! Students keep coming back for more!

Matt Newton, Student Services
University of Western Sydney
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Let’s add flavour to your events!

We’re available to be booked for any events and occasions:

  • Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Church Events
  • University/School Events
  • Private Parties
  • Community Functions

Shake up some fun and raise funds at the same time!

Here’s a cool money-making idea to fund your school activities or sports events.

Our World Famous Mini Donuts are made from our unique patented Lil’Orbits Premium Donut Mix, cooked in the finest grade cholesterol-free vegetable oil for your health and enjoyment.

Run a “Mini Donut Day” for a fuss free
fundraising and have a lot of fun!

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